Fleur de cerisier

Fleur de cerisier

| January, 14| English Day

Hello darlings !


Today, I decide to live one day in english.


So I woke up at 6 am. Then I washed my body and my hair. I ate my first meal with a yoghurt and a clementine. And some sweets (of course !). And now, I'm getting dressed ! But I don't know how. Let me think ! I wanted some color clothes today, but I'ma wearing a grey dress and a blue pullover with white stars. And my lovely black scarf. Then, I'll brush my teeth and my hair (I don't know if you say it) and work.




I am going to have my english oral at 3 pm. So I'm going to talm english until 3 pm. As you know (or not! ), I have this exercise for 4 weeks. And I didn't pass the speech.


So sorry for this small article, but the day just begin. See you later for the second article of the day. Lots of love !

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