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| January, 14| TAG #2 : New Year's Book TAG

So, hi again !


In this article, I am going to talk about a new TAG (not knew) : the new year's book TAG. I see this TAG on BangadyBangz's Channel. 




1.Midnight: What book kept you up all night until you finished in 2014?
2.Fireworks: What was your favorite book you read in 2014?
3.New Year’s Kiss: What was your favorite book romance of 2014?
4.Countdown: What is your most anticipated release in 2015?
5.Resolutions: What genre do you want to try and read more of in 2015?
6.Auld Lang Syne: What’s a book you’ve read so many times it’s practically a pastime?
7.Time’s Square Ball Drop: Everyone’s tuning in, what book do you want to recommend others read in 2015?





They were many books that kept me up all night. All books I think. When I begin something, I don't stop until this is finished. But I answer for this question the last on of 2014 : All I need is you (in french : Apparence trompeuse) by Johanna Lindsey. It was not a very good story, but I liked it.




It is not a favourite book but a series : After Dark (in french : La Trilogie Fire After Dark) de Sadie Matthews

- #1 : Fire after dark

- #2 : Secrets after dark

- #3 : Promises after dark






The first is After Dark, but my second favourite romance series is Notorious Bachelors (in french : les célibataires) de Emma Wildes

- #1 : My lord scandal

- #2 : Our wicked mistake

- #3 : His sinful secret





No answer




I want to read more fantasy ! It is not a gender that I read enough !




I said in an other article that I don't like to read again a book !




I recommend in 2015 :

- After Dark

- Notorious Bachelors

- Sylvia Day's books

- Requiem pour Sacha (series) by Alice Scarling

- Naked nobility (series ; in french : Noblesse oblige) by Sally MacKenzie




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